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Dr. Gibbs


Certified Life Coach, Mental Health Counselor, Fatherless Daughter Advocate, Speaker, and Author. 

Hi, I’m Renita.

I’m a certified Life Coach and Mental Health Counselor, Speaker, and Author, I’ve been working in this field since 2000. I focus on creating happy, fulfilled, and obstacle-free lives for my clients that are going through a difficult time. I’ve spent a lot of time on researching the path to happiness through meditation, therapy, scientific research, classes, and asking anyone who would listen. After many years of searching, I realized that the most important lesson of all: happiness is a learned skill. And anyone can learn!

There are so many personal development articles, life hacks, and YouTube videos available that tells you exactly what to do that will change your life. But, despite all that information available in few clicks, we still don’t do anything and remain the same. You know why? Because without actually taking the time to understand why you’re not doing anything about changing yourself, it’s like trying to ride a horse that only has three legs. You’re not going to get very far and to be honest; you’re not going to get anywhere!

Every time you dream of changing yourself, you end up doing the same things all over again. But not this time! This time you’re not alone. I’ll be guiding you every step of the way and helping to unlock your full potential. The good news is that Renita, the founder of Fresh Wisdom Services has helped many authors, CEO’s, actors, musicians, and many other clients to break out of their prison and bring positive change to their life.

If you’re confused, stressed, or worried about anything right now, don’t let it take over you and take away your ambitions and drive for success from your life. Your mindset is your "ultimate power," and I will teach you how you can use it to your advantage! I’ll help you in taking control of your life and your emotions. I guarantee that after only a few sessions, second-guessing and self-doubt would be a thing of your past.

So, what are you waiting for? Start with an initial consultation to find what’s keeping you stuck, and to see if you have good chemistry with Renita. Click on the link to register yourself or send us an email at the email address given below if you’ve any query.

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What can I say about Dr. Renita Gibbs that most people already know? Growing up in Atlanta, one of our local stations always started their newscast with ‘Dedicated, Determined and Dependable’. I never forgot those words because I knew one day, I would bestow such accolades on someone special to me. Dr. Gibbs is not only worthy, she is all that and more. My Sister in Christ who also happens to be my Soror, is a true warrior in every way. Her dedication to ensure she’s making a difference in the lives of others shows her selflessness for giving all she has. She’s determined to make sure all who need her will be touched by her spirit and in that, you can depend. I’m so proud to have her in my corner as a Sister-friend. She is a beautiful, phenomenal and loving mother, wife and most importantly, agent of God. A very
special person to me indeed.


Renita Gibbs is astounding and profound! Renita is someone I’ve known for quite some time and her character and disposition still remains the same. She’s a woman who knows her purpose and her self-worth. A woman of God with great faith and integrity. Always thinking of others. Always wanting others to succeed as she succeeds. She has always kept herself focused on her personal life as well as her professional life. Always putting God first.


Dr.Gibbs has always expressed a sense of calm. patience and non-judgment attitude that has allowed her clients to approach her with ease. I highly recommend Fresh Wisdom Services: Dr. Gibbs when selecting a mental health professional.


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